Friends Of Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area
Friends Of Whitfield Wildlife Conservation Area

Whitfield Friends Calendar of Activities for 2020

(All dates are subject to change)


Calendar Activity                                                         Date                                                    Action Officer


Friends Monthly Meeting                             10:00 – 12:00 Second Saturday of the Month      E. Beaulieu


VCSWC Meeting                                               9:00 – 12:00 Third Saturday of the Month             E. Beaulieu


Membership Renewal                                   January 2020                                                                      D. Varela


Bench Artist Outreach                                    January/February 2020                                                  S. Hagaman


Newsletter                                                         February 15                                                                        D. Varela


Master Composting                                        February 22                                                                        A. Martin


Leopold Benches Built                                    February 29                                                                        T. VerEecke/ R. Goens


Master Naturalist Application Deadline  March 6                                                                                A. Martin            


Bluebird House Building                                March 8                                                                                R. Goens/J. Chavez


Launch of Adult and Junior                           March 13                                                                             A. Martin

Ranger Programs


Master Naturalist Classes Begin                 March 25                                                                             A. Martin


Belen Marsh Cleanup                                     April 4                                                                                   E. Beaulieu


Annual Meeting                                                April 11, 10:00 – 12:00                                                    R. Goens/

E. Beaulieu 


Earth Day Science Fiesta                               April 25                                                                                 L. Frazer/R. Goens





Calendar Activity                                                         Date                                                    Action Officer


Newsletter                                                         May                                                                       D. Varela


Last Master Naturalist Class                         May 22                                                                 A. Martin


Ambassador Training                                      June                                                                      R. Goens


Budget Meeting                                                               June 10                                                                 Friends Board


Teacher Summit                                               July                                                                        A. Martin


Desert Willow Festival                                    August 1                                                               Friends

& Bench Raffle                                                                                 


Newsletter                                                         August                                                                  D. Varela


Pete’s Dinner                                                     September                                                         S. Hagaman


Seed Collection                                                 September 28                                                    Friends                


Belen Marsh Cleanup                                     October 3                                                            E. Beaulieu/Friends


Night Under the Stars/Recognize              October 24                                                         A. Martin/Friends

Bat Week with Bat Box Building



Newsletter                                                         November                                                          D. Varela


No Board Meeting in December                December


Whitfield Birthday                                           December 12                                                     Friends Board



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Friends Of Whitfield WIldife Conservation Area

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News & Events

  • March 6: Master Naturalist aplication deadline
  • March 8:  Bluebird house building
  • March 13: Launch of adult and Junior Ranger Programs
  • March 25: Master Naturalist Classes Begin
  • April 4:  Belen Marsh Cleanup
  • April 4:  Friends Annual Meeting
  • April 25: Earth Day Science Fiesta

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